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365messenger is all you have been asking for to harness the power of A2P Messaging.


Cloud based Enterprise Messaging Solution

Reliable, scalable and proven technology

Flexible and supporting industry-specific interfaces

Interactive 2-way messaging solution

24/7 Management and Support

A great opportunity to enter the A2P marketplace quickly

The 365messenger scalable A2P Messaging Gateway-as-a-Service.

365messenger – Overview

  • Cloud based enterprise messaging platform
  • Support for multiple interfaces and VPN support
  • Online Portal of Enterprises and Channel Partners
  • Carrier grade routing engine
  • Detailed address book for enterprise clients
  • Campaign Manager
  • Detailed reporting and billing
  • Mobile Number Portability support
  • Client administration and configuration
  • 24/7 support and quality assurance

365messenger – Advantages

  • Proven technology and performance currently processing over 900 billion SMS annually.
  • Faster time to market.
  • Redundant cloud servers for more than 99.99% service availability.
  • Rich Analytics enables channel partners to get insight into enterprise needs.
  • Requests and tracks the delivery receipts from the mobile network.
  • No additional resources required since the service is fully managed.
  • No investment in equipment or software.