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Learn about what real time detection and analytics is all about.


365analytics is a real time detection and traffic analytics software with an intelligence that is updated constantly based on our global intelligence. 365squared have developed the most sophisticated product in the market that works with any SMS Firewall.


Detection Features

• Bulk Detection
• Source Reputational Database
• Spam Detection
• Fraud Detection
• SIM Box Detection
• Message Simulator


Analytics Features

• Traffic Classification
• Grey Route Analysis
• Traffic Expectation Analysis
• Brand Traffic Analysis
• Market Intelligence


Management Features

• User Management
• Alarming Module
• Reporting Module
• 24/7 Support

Detection of Bulk SMS traffic using sophisticated algorithms

Detection of spam, faking, flooding and spoofing

SIM Box detection using a combination of test calls/events and advanced CDR analytics

Automated brand simulation giving detailed information on how traffic is reaching subscribers

Traffic classification based on SMS Type, A2P Brand and A2P Brand Message Type

Real time traffic analysis per brand and compared to expected volumes based on intelligence

Real time database learning based on our global intelligence system

User management interface, alarm notification and detailed reporting functionality

365analytics relies on the power of 365squared’s global intelligence database that is populated by threats detected on each client managed by 365squared.

365squared Global Intelligence Centre

Global Reputational & Spam Database

Real time SMS Price Monitoring

Social Media


Alarms detected
on existing clients


Blocking configuration on detected alarms applied to all clients

365squared Clients

There is no tool on the market that can offer a comprehensive reporting functionality similar to 365analytics. Classification and reporting of traffic is done not only by SMS type but by Brand and moreover by Brand Message Type. Sample reports include:

  • Traffic volumes report (per Global Title, Network Operator, Brand, Brand Type, Brand Message Type, Message Type, Sender ID etc.)
  • Bulk Analysis Report
  • Brand Analysis and Performance Report
  • Message Simulator Report
  • SIM Box Detection Report
  • Detailed Daily / Monthly Report
  • Customized Reports