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365squared Sign Agreement with Grameenphone

Dialogue Group, 365squared and HAUD Systems have partnered with Grameenphone to improve the A2P (Application-to-Person) messages ecosystem for more that 51 million Grameenphone customers. The messaging system will ensure security and protection for Grameenphone subscribers through this unique SMS filtering solution.

The innovative filtering solution deployed on Grameenphone’s network by HAUD Systems, detects and differentiates A2P traffic from P2P and addresses grey messaging routes. Fraudulent and unauthorised activities conducted through grey route messaging damages reputation of an operator by delivering spam and potential security threats to subscribers.

Allan Bonke, Chief Marketing Officer, Grameenphone Ltd said that the company has taken this initiative as a strategic milestone for Grameenphone in terms of both protection and fraud prevention. “Having implemented this filter on the network, Grameenphone has now become the first and only operator in Bangladesh to comply with the local telecom regulations,” he added.

Perry Offer, CEO, Dialogue Group, said: “The implementation of the SMS filter technology is attractive for MNOs as it generates new revenues without the need for upfront investment. Our recently launched A2P SMART (Secure Monetisation of Application Related Traffic) Hub guides operators through the processes to filter their grey route traffic and realise millions of dollars in additional revenues. This creates a ‘win win’ situation for all.”

365squared, who specialise in revenue protection and fraud management for MNOs, won the tender to manage A2P traffic on Grameenphone’s network and chose Dialogue Group and HAUD Systems as their associates to deliver the solution. The firewall solution is deployed on all inbound domestic and international links to monitor International A2P traffic via domestic operators, domestic SMS Bulk providers, SMS HUBs, roaming partners to ensure delivery of international A2P traffic via the authorized entry points only.

Tonio Ellul, CEO and Director of 365squared, added: “SMS as an industry has been unregulated for far too long. Our solution, based on innovation, efficiency and intrinsic market knowledge, ensures revenue streams from legitimate messaging services and gives peace of mind to the operator.”

Claire Cassar, CEO of HAUD Systems stated that: “We are confident that our SMS filtering solution and our collaboration with 365squared and Dialogue Group will secure the revenue stream for Grameenphone through the efficient and effective management of A2P traffic, and results will be very timely”.