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Renuka Javur Q&A

  1. Can you describe some of your experience and background before joining the 365squared team in March 2016?

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science. I began my career in the city of Belgaum in 1994, as a technician in a computer lab assisting students with their practical projects.  I moved to Bangalore in 1999 and started working in sales for AMC, a company promoting a revolutionary cooking concept with smartly designed cookware aimed at reducing energy consumption and reducing the carbon footprint.  I joined MACH in 2000 as a newbie and spent the next 14 years there, working myself up through Customer Service, Operations, Managed Services, Product Management, Project Management and a host of other functions.  By the time I decided to move on I was a Senior Manager.  I lent my expertise as a technical/sales consultant for Nextgen for a period of six months before taking a six month sabbatical and finally joining 365squared in March 2016. I have also had short stints with a few companies and dabbled in sales for a steel fabrication company, worked in customer service for a renowned BPO, promoted public relations while working for a PR firm and worked as Senior VP for roaming in a telecom start-up.

  1. Why is India such an important market for 365squared?

India is a complex and dynamic market; It is the sheer volume that drives this market. Mobile network operators are constantly innovating and evolving different strategies to attract retail customers and grow their top line. Monetizing A2P is relatively new to the Indian market and even the market leaders have yet to realize, recognize and capitalize on this. 365squared has played a pioneering role in the Indian market with this revolutionary idea of monetizing messages and was the first to educate, empower and support the operators in creating revenue from messages which nobody thought possible.

  1. What trends are you finding when speaking to Indian mobile operators and how is the market being affected by these?

There is a lot of awareness amongst Indian mobile operators towards data and almost all of them are into huge data promotions. On the other hand, operators are losing out on revenue by not tackling illegal routes and hence not monetizing these A2P messages.  This potential revenue stream can be a cash cow and it is encouraging that operators have begun to realize its potential.  365squared is in the right market and well poised to take the monetization of A2P forward to support its MNO customers.

  1. What are your goals for the Indian mobile market?

We are looking at educating the operators, making sure that they understand how the market dynamic works and working on building a mutually beneficial partnership with Indian operators.  We are also identifying and working on strategic partnerships with market leaders.  With long term goals in mind, 365squared is building a noticeable footprint and a long lasting relationship with Indian operators based on trust, professionalism, high quality service delivery and mutual respect.